Juste une fable n° 71




dreamscapes (betrayals) n° 31



Mary Shaw



ah, the consistency of images covering my soul like tar glue.
        i am huddled under snuff this morning, hardly wanting to peek, reach out my heart's beak to see

what made these cracks in my egg.

i am waiting for the storm to pass. i am crouching low in the pit,

in the grooves of the earth.

but something,

you can't say what,

tells me we will soon come up for air.

there'll be a fresh wind.

there will be whole days of flying and climbing.

 trees, easter bunnies, and bells

bringing a true patch of blues.


Mary Shaw est professeure de littérature française des dix-neuvième et vingtième siècles à l'Université de Rutgers (New Jersey). Outre ses travaux universitaires, elle a publié deux livres pour enfants ainsi qu'un recueil de poésie intitulé Album Without Pictures (Halifax, N. S., Editions VVV, 2008).


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